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Designers and Artists

Carlotta's features clothing made in the USA. We also pride ourselves in finding well-made imports by family-owned American companies, such as Ethyl jeans and our famous "Awesome Pants".

Ethyl Jeans - started out many years ago producing high quality Rodeo Jeans. Their look has evolved into new fabrics and contemporary, well made jackets, pants and jeans.

Color Me Cotton - for 2 generations, this company has produced garment-dyed clothing in cotton, french terry, sweater knits, etc. A piece from this company will last for years! MADE IN THE USA.

Fenini - Produced from North Carolina Cotton. Grown, Designed, Sewn, and Dyed in the USA. We love these amazing sisters. Each shipment from them is a treat. Well worth  the price.

Clara Sun Woo - A Mother-Daughter company who's mission is to design THE BEST in quality high-fashion fit and style. Made in the USA. No matter your age or size. We have watched them grow and expand over the years. We are so proud of these ladies.

Inside-Out - Another very special Mother-Daughter company, who saved their factory from going under after losing a large contract to overseas. They now design and produce their OWN USA MADE label in their Florida Factory: Inside-out Apparel..... Soft dressing to wear inside or out!